Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My day at School. By Palagi Manuele

I wake up every morning very very early,
My hair is always tangled and is very very curly.
I go to school and go straight to my class,
My teacher is trying to make jokes but is just making a fuss.
By the time the bell rings,
It is actually time to sing.
This morning we did an impossible writing test,
It was really really hard but I did try my best.
My teacher kept saying if you talk you will fail,
But a few minutes later it started to rain hail.
She says that our class is very colourful,
But she did forget to put up my letter written as informal.
At the top of our class we have shown our New Zealand flag,
One of the main rules of our class is to never again play tag.
My teacher has an extremely sweet tooth,
She gets a lot of treats from my friend named Ruth.
My teacher says she gets annoyed from BINGO,
She says she wants to try and eat a flamingo.
Did I tell you how old my teacher is??
I don’t know but I think she would answer if you give her some fizz.

Villains By Charles Fetu'u

Violets are blue Roses are red
Ariel killed Ursula by stabbing her in the head.
That is not cool and that is not fun
But this is not a joke and this not a pun
My favourite is Gaston
He does anything he wants  
He doesn’t care ‘bout people
and he’s really good at stunts
He was kind of vain and that is the truth  
But when he tried to kill a Beast he went flying off the roof
Yes us villains have really ugly laughter
But the villains never have a Happily Ever After
I don’t like Bingo and I don’t like poker
But something I do like is The Joker
He is really funny and he is really smart
He plays with stink bombs
That smell like stale farts
All his bombs make a big boom
Hey that reminds me, “do you who’s Zoom?”
He runs faster than me and he runs faster than you
But remember this name:Charles Fetu’u

South Side By Cameron Tatolu

You hear the things people say about us
The way we talk, the way we dress, the things we eat, the cars we drive, the houses we live in
When you hear these words you think of the south side, “The Bottom”
A place where bad things happen.
A place of poor,
A place of Winz quotes,
A place where teens hide behind trees and do all these stupid things,
A place where soda is now Woodstock bottles.
A place where High school drama is now high school pregnancy.
With Pacific islanders and Maori people at war, Coconuts vs Hori’s
Put in court for murder, attempted murder , manslaughter, kidnap and child abuse
People say that's racist well to me that's just life.

Nowadays, the only TV show Southsiders star on is Police Ten 7, 3 News to report the death of another innocent child or on Shortland Street playing the role of a wife beater.
One in every four homes is a tini house, a place where people go to get their next fix
Over 15,000 drug lords on the streets they are left unsafe.
A walk in the park is now a walk on a run-down street.
People want the truth but we give the truth with them having no beliefs.

People told us we couldn't do anything but take note from sir ed, he climbed the highest mountaintop.
Joseph Parker from a broken home is now the world heavyweight champion.
People may say bad things about us, but I will never stop calling this place “home”.

South Side By:Praise Saumani

Let me tell you a story about  a place that we call South Auckland  or as some people refer to it as ‘The Bottom’

Let me tell you a story where kids roam streets  smoking, drinking ,fighting, wagging instead of looking for a future or a  job.
Where kids hang from trees instead of playing on them.
Where babies die due to neglectful parents
This is ... “The  HOOD”

All I hear from the news is South Side this, South Side that..
We are on T.V for nothing good, especially shows like Police 10/7
We have the power change this,if you choose to quit wagging vandalising and focus on NCEA Levels 1,2 and 3
If parents choose to take care of their kids.
If kids choose to walk the  right paths instead of the wrong ones
If families model the expected instead of the reality.
But let me tell you a story,where we are teased not by who we are but what we look like.
Where we are teased by where we come from,where we  are teased by the colour of our  skin colour,teased by what culture we represent
Because once you hear Southside you are most likely to run and hide,but what are you running  from?

South Side,all you hear is “Gangs”, “Hori”, “Trash”, “Disgusting”
The list goes just goes on and on
I’m telling you we can change this if we choose to
Speak up
Stand up
Be proud
Be confident
for South Side because we are dying
South Auckland is dying.
People say all these things about SOuth Side, and it goes in one ear and out of the other for me
Let me tell you about a place that some people call The Bottom but I call it

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Welcome to Room 9 2017

This year Room 9 consists of 30 students from the Junior school and other schools around Auckland. A majority of the class are of Pasifika and Maori decent, however we have one student who is from Sri Lanka. This Term we are studying formal letter writing and Poetry. For reading we are doing shared reading and will be studying a book called Argenta by New Zealand author Stephanie Hill. For Topic we will be learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and Middle School Mana. For maths we are learning about Developing Mathematics Inquiry Communities (DMIC) and Geometry for Strand. For science, we are learning about the universe, galaxies, the Big bang theory and the Milky Way.